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Burkewood Creative

Authentic down south charm.  Bill goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you need.


ineditos creative lab, llc

Bill provides us not only a great voice for our commercials, but great service. In the world of advertising, we have to deal with numerous challenges including deadlines, creative specs, and simple capriciousness, among other dynamics of the process.

Bill has been helpful with these challenges with his great attitude and voiceovers.
Thanks Bill!

DBM Communications

Bill Cleveland is a great voice talent and able to take direction well. He sees projects through to completion and has a good final outcome. I enjoyed working with Bill and would hire him again.

Roland Garros was one of the most demanding films I've ever been evolved with. Very demanding with tight deadlines. Bill Cleveland taught all of us that deadlines can be achieved easily with time to spare, delivering more than what was expected from him. He always adds an extra take, a take that when you are under pressure and short on ideas, is more than welcome to have more options to choose from.

Bill's voice has a different flavor, a unique sound that makes the audience connect with the film.


I can say that Bill Cleveland is very responsive, always following director's vision, but adding that extra something that's hard to find in Hollywood. I can't think of anyone better for a Voice Over job, specially when you need a quick response and a deadline down the corner.

Producer, The Grind Waterfowl TV

We recently used Bill for two different reads. Bill was able to give us the perfect voice we were looking for. The quality of the recording was excellent with the product delivered the same day including a redo we requested. Bill is an absolute professional and was a pleasure to work with. We will absolutely be using his voice talent for our future needs

Dani Voiceovers

You are a great talent, and it was delightful working with you! I'm sure we will continue working together.

Video Producer Utah.com

Bill was very easy to work with and provided a great voice over for us to use on Utah.com.  He had a very quick turn around and was very pleasant to work with.  Best of all he was willing to get us the voice over we needed, and did it proficiently and professionally.  Thanks Bill for an overall great experience!

Photographer/Editor Georgia Public Broadcasting

We selected Bill for our latest documentary and could not have made a better choice. Not only was his personality and work ethic stellar but his voice was absolutely perfect for this project. His ability to take direction while maintaining the desired tone and energy level over the course of a very long recording session was impressive. I can’t wait to work with him again soon.


Producer/Director, Tandem Productions, Savannah, GA

It was great working with you, your voice had just the right tone and inflection to
help push our concept to its fullest potential.  In real life, odors are the quickest
way to transport a person to another time and place. In electronic media, it is
the sense of hearing that paints a picture long before the eyes see an image.
You sir, are an artist.



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